Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MAC Blot Powder + Greasepaint Stick

This pressed blot powder is amazing. AMAZING.
I have super oily skin thanks to my dads side of the family (at least I won't get wrinkly as quick!), so keeping my make-up stay put and matte is a real mission.

Usually I start to get a little shiny around mid-day or afternoon. Just a little touch-up with this and it looks like how I did it in the morning. I might have to use it 1-3 times a day but honestly with what it does for me I couldn't care less.

It is a little crumbly when you are getting some on your brush so just be really careful of that and try to just skim the top of it. You hardly need any at all. The MAC Pressed Blot Powder applies pretty much invisible. You can't see it once it leaves your brush.

Also, you see that little puffy round thing? Throw it out or find another use for it. All it does is remove my make-up, move it around or make it look really weird. I use a brush from the MAC Hello Kitty set to apply it.

It retails in NZ for $48.

Next we have the Greasepaint Stick released in the Style Black collection, which came out just this week.
I was humming and harring over whether to get it or not. I'm a sucker for anyhting thats black with sparkles. So I left to go to the library and gave mum a rang, she wanted one so an hour later I went back with my partner and he joked about how it would be funny if they were all gone, and THEY WERE GONE!

The greasepaint sticks sold out in that hour!
Crazyness. Lukcily there is another mac store down the road and they still had a couple but their polish Baby Goth Girl was sold out! The collection had only been out two and a half days. You gotta be quick!

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