Monday, October 26, 2009

Becoming a Make-up Artist : Lots of Inspiration!

Today we learnt about all the different skin colours and races and which colours and tones best suit them.

For example, every skin colour under the sun could wear pink eyeshadow but for fair skin it may be a light pastel pink and for darker skin it may be a darker crimson pink.

So far we have learnt nude make-up in dewy and matte finishes, day make-up, ethnic make-up and eyelash and brow tinting/shaping.

This week we are learning male, rockstar and evening make-up. We are also doing something with a hairdryer near the end of the week. I must say hair styling isn't my strongest field lol. I sort of drift off and get extremely bored with it.

I am going home this weekend so that means more photo posts! I think I will have one on the eyebrow/lash tinting and shaping and a whole heap of others on new MAC stuff.

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