Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becomming a Make-Up Artist: Day One

Well, not much happening on day one other than boring paper work and meeting classmates your going to spend a year with. On the intro day there were about 50 people and some of the people that were there that I knew would drive me nuts were amazingly spilt into another class. Yuss.

Then I found out that we get to have a squiz round the major make-up counters like MAC, Napoleon Perdis etc. Then! I found out that we get a special card for MAC that gives us a discount! :D

Then! We get to do a photoshoot for Geisha/Kabuki later in the year. My fascination for Geisha and Japanese make-up is just way up their with my fascintation for polishes.

I already have a bright blue/canary yellow yukata. I am just going crazy over all the ideas and different things that I could do with that.

We also get to design costumes, accessories, whatever! I am wondering why I chose nails before make-up n_n;
No doubt I will b showing you some of my photoshoots and costumes that I create. It is so exciting. So amazing.

To top that, I purchased MAC's Baby Goth Girl polish this afternoon. It looks pink/purple shimmer in a black base with golden/orange flakies. I cannot wait to try it! And of course, show you guys this weekend.

Today is good. I will be scribbling ideas down all night in my book.

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