Thursday, October 29, 2009

Becoming A Make-Up Artist: New Eyeshadows!

I went a little crazy at MAC recently after we have been getting into a bit more creative make-up styles.

I've been making a sort of scrapbook of all the make-up styles I like in magazines and facecharts i've made up. It's all so incredibly exciting!

Let's take a look:


What an amazing orange! It's that perfect 'fruit juice' orange with a golden shine. Everytime I saw this on display I had to pick it up and try it on my hand. Luckily the MAC store still had one today!


Another shade that blows me away. Haunting has always attracted me like Off The Page. I can't wait to try this on tomorrow.


I'm not too sure where this one came from.... I have a feeling from that eyeshadow collection MAC brought out earlier this year. I can't remember the name sorry -__-". DreamMaker was the sparkliest and strongest gold I could find and amazingly it was the last one!


How long have I been eyeing this one up? Too long to remember. I love peaches/mangos with that golden sheen.


Love at first sight with this one! A nice plummy maroon again with that attracting golden sheen. I think Mum has this one too.


Aqua is a very pastel turqoise. I looked it up on MAC's site but couldn't find it... So i'm not sure whats going on there.


I picked up Yogurt because I thought it would make a really good base colour. It is also more pink than Bisque.


Another shade I thought would be good for a base colour. More beige than Yogurt.

You know whats crazy? I never wear eyeshadows and here I am buying all of these >_<

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