Thursday, December 25, 2008


What a fantastic present from Santa, OPI Ink. Ink is from OPI's Night Brights collection, I am not too sure with what they are doing, being discontinued or what... But I have seen Ink in almost every store, so easy enough to find :D

I found Ink's application to be really good, definitely one of my better OPI's. This is what it looks like on coat number two. Insta-awesome-blurple-shimmerness.

Ink's base colour is a navy blue with a hint of purple, most people call it a blurple. The shimmer in Ink is really something special, it's almost like it has 'layers' of shimmer. At first you can see purple and pink in the bigger pieces, then if you look deeper you can see a fine dark purple shimmer! :O

I think I can confidently say that OPI's Ink is a keeper :D

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