Saturday, September 19, 2009

General Nail Care : Base Coats, Moisture and Breakages!

As requested, here is a post on general nail care! Lets start off with a base coat. The most essential in my opinion. I simply would not have nails without it!

Currently I am using QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator, but seeing as it peels off quite easily with me I use Zoya's Anchor Base Coat on top.

This helps it stay on for a long time. Also the QTICA is really thin and doesn't cover up all my lumps, bumps and peelies I have at the moment so the Zoya really helps even that out to a nice smooth and shiny surface.
The two work so well together. Long, strong nails so quickly and easily.

I think the trick to finding out what base coat works for you is simply just to try a whole heap for about a month and see how it goes for you. If not, you can always gift the base coats to a friend or maybe use it in a franken.


If you find you have peely nails or nails that just keep on breaking, make sure you are keeping your nails moisturised. Your nails produce their own oils but these can be removed with cleaning agents, washing your hands a lot and of course, using remover. So any chance that they are naked, just give them a good dousing of oil.

Any kind will do but a lovely home recipe that my mum makes up is 30mls of almond oil, 30mls of jojoba oil and 30mls of rice bran oil works a real treat.
Removers are quite drying to your nails but your nails should reproduce the oils you took away in 24hours.

But if you do a lot of mani changes you may want to chuck a bit of oil on them to help them rehydrate quicker.
Also having your tips polished most of the time will help protect them.


Buffing. I would do this once every few weeks at the most. But this is only because my nails with the state that they're in really need evening out. You don't want to buff too often though because this takes off layers of your nails.

Trust me, you just need to see my nails in person too see what the damage looks like.

Another important rule is to not use your nails as tools. I know it seems like the easiest way of opening up that can but you can use the side of your finger or a utensil like a knife or fork to aid you.


Has your tip started peeling off at the side? A quick fix is some nail glue and a small square of either a tea bag, toilet paper, tissue... almost anything that's thin really.

Make sure your nail is clean of oils and cut a bit of the material you have chosen to fit over the breakage and a little more for support. Add a little glue to the broken area, carefully place your material (not too close to the tip though! otherwise it will start to peel off), then put the glue on top of the material. The material should turn transparent to some degree.

Of course the best thing would be to buy a silk wraps kit for these kind of emergencies and it will work much better and last a lot longer!

I hope this helps you in some way :)

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