Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can You Spot Your Nails?

Hi guys,

I've been having a bit of trouble with this page on Facebook. It's a New Zealand based one but she is posting photos from all over.

I came across it as it advertised on the side of Facebook, of course it peaked my interest! But my heart quickly sank after discovering a few of my photos on there as well as others' photos. She has even copied bits of the blog posts they came from!

This makes me feel so sad because she doesn't state where they come from and people are thinking that these are all hers, of course she is letting them know any different *eye roll*. What's upsetting me more is that she is using all of these to promote her website. 

I left a comment on her page saying I wasn't too happy that she was posting these photos and of course she deleted my comment and blocked me from commenting further. 

People like this really bug me. Is it that hard to take your own photos?

Please let her know if she has your photos on there! Here is the link:

And if you do ever come across her website, you can get polishes for much cheaper elsewhere than what she is selling them for. Also when stores do the 3 for 2 deal, still cheaper than what she has them for. 

She sent me an email saying she is now labeling the photos and where they came from. While I am much happier now that she is doing that, I'm still upset that she blocked me from posting. I suppose it will be a never ending battle for us :(

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