Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L.A. Disco Can U Dig It?

I recently discovered these polishes at the wonderful Dress Smart in Onehunga. They were pretty cheap too, only $7! They have OPI polishes too but only a lot of sparkly poo coloured ones. Hmm I wonder why no one buys those shades...

Any who, this little beauty is called Can U Dig It? I don't really care much for the name, but I adore the colour! (Still pining over that OPI Shrek colour!). I wore it on my toes first and wore it for weeks. I couldn't get enough of it!

You only need two coats of Can U Dig It? The formula is quite good, a nice thickness and opacity to it. Quite fast drying too as I put it on my toes again the other day, then got distracted and forgot to apply top coat. It dried just fine, maybe not as shiny, but pretty well.

I think the colour of Can U Dig It is a little more vivid than what my photos show.

It also says it glows in black light, I haven't tested that but it sure would be cool to see!

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