Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OPI Simmer & Shimmer

Simmer & Shimmer is from OPI's holiday collection, I can't quite remember the name but it has some exquisite colours. I really want to get that fuchsia one, gorgeous.

I only used two coats here. I think you can use any amount of coats with this one really. Depends what you're after. I haven't tried layering it yet though, I think all of my blues are all too greeny/yellowy. 

I quite like it although I can't help feeling it's too cool. You've got your yellow, orange and red in there but I think the silver is too overpowerring. Well for me it is. I keep looking at the orange glitter in this collection too. It's just so unusual isn't it?

I haven't bought any polishes in awhile but recently I think I've bought over 5! It's quite exciting but I suppose bills and unexpected expenses have to come first, so I'll have to buy in moderation lol. If that's possible.

I quite like how polish companies are pushing the envelope in a way. Bringing us more exciting and differnt colours. I think there was only one red in OPI's holiday collection wasn't there? I don't know if Suzi has been hit over the head lately, but I like what she's doin!

On a side note, it's December already! 

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