Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chanel Holographic

Alright I need to stop re-reading my post of Chips and all your lovely comforting comments for a little bit, so here is Chanel's Holographic....

Why the dots? Hmmm I can't really make my mind up about this one, sure it's a beautiful holographic and even looks amazing in the shade. These photos were taken in overcast weather, and look! You can still see a lot of holo! I'm seriously afraid to show you it in the sun, it actually hurt my eyes at one point :D It was like looking into the sun.

I used three coats here. Holographic is a sneaky one, you know how most holographic polishes dry really fast and they loose their shine when they are drying? Yeah, that's what Holographic did but it wasn't dry at all. It fooled me good, on all three coats. So by doing this I kept lifting bits off, which is really annoying. So just be careful of that!

Also, I applied a top coat of Poshe.... after a few minutes, we are back to where it looks like Holographic is drying... It ate the Poshe! So I recommend two coats of top coat or possibly three. All these top coats are for a good cause though, to see that lovely shimmer :D

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