Thursday, January 29, 2009

My first go using these beasts...

What do you think? 

I got these lovely little stones with my Konad Gold Set. Never thought I would ever use these, but this mani had been floating around my brain for a little while. 

I used two coats of Claire's Rocker Blues. I still can't believe a lovely lady was nice enough to send me this polish as a RAOK... I still get giddy looking at it :D

I used Konads plate M , and China Glaze's Devotion as the polish. Devotion has made its self quite useful hasn't it :D Might have to order a few more Romantiques...

A very simple design but stunning none the less. Oh while I remember, China Glaze's Frostbite is an *exact* doppelganger of Rocker Blues! I found Revlon's Talk Dirty today so you can bet it's going to  have little enhancements n_n

For the application of the tiny stones:

1. Turn them upside down so you are seeing their silver bottoms.

2. Get a toothpick (or the Konad stick if you have one)

3. Dip it in your topcoat, pick up the stone with toothpick

4. Apply it closely to where you want it to be, it's easy to move around :) 

5. Apply topcoat over the whole nail and your set! 

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