Monday, January 26, 2009

Misa Mar De Morado

Here's one that's been gathering dust on the back burner, Misa's Mar De Morado.

Three coats. It is quite a thin polish so it is a little streaky but you can't see it at three coats :) Mar De Morado is going straight to the Top 20 list.

It is a discontinued colour so if you like what you see, order it :D I got mine from TransDesign.

Oh I had all my Yokohama's planned for you but this laptop is horrible for uploading lots of pictures at one time and the main PC is still unstable. So keep tight Rosey :D You also haven't seen the surprise yet! Hehe

I have also started a new label 'Discontinued' on the side there, so I will slowly go through and edit the labels on all my posts :D

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