Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mode VIP

I think these Mode polishes, have to be the best for value. Only $3.95 for a polish.

I first came across these in Australia a couple of years ago, wasn't too fussed on the colour range available. But it seems they are coming out with some great shades! 

I only limited myself to 3 polishes. I picked up this pretty grey, a dark purple jelly with glitter and a muted teal. I am really pleased with them all! I would show you photos but my camera just died uploading this one.

Back to VIP, amazing coverage! If you were extremely precise at applying polish, you could have this done in one coat. It isn't streaky, sheer or thick. The teal was like this too. The purple one was quite watery, but I think that's needed for jelly polishes.

I don't think it is as yellow as it is showing in my photo. It's a very neutral grey.

On a side note: I have changed the comment section as I was having problems before. Hopefully it's fixed now! :)

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