Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Quick Look At: Oh Naturale & Turn The Other Chic

Hi guys! I finally bought myself a rechargeable battery charger, so now I don't have to wait to travel back to my parents house for batteries :D 

For now I am showing you photos of Color Club's Oh Naturale and Turn The Other Chic. These will be released in NZ fairly soon I would think. They are a part of the Pardon My French collection. A beautiful array of soft sheers and matching glitters.

The reason they aren't on my fingers is because I recently worked in a pack house for 5 days (50 hours all up) and as you can imagine, the poor little fingernails got a bit of a beating. Hopefully they come right soon :)

Here is Oh Naturale:
A very soft salmon.

And here is Turn The Other Chic:
A juicy looking colour! Looks best over others rather than being by itself.

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