Sunday, April 3, 2011

QTICA Nail Growth Stimulator Trial

Thanks to being born around this time of year has allowed me to be able to get my hands on another bottle of Qtica's Nail Growth Stimulator as it is on the pricey side. (Old photo shown, my goal is to get my nails back to that length.)

Why I am trying it again:
Qtica guarantees that it will give you a quarter of an inch (0.635 centimetres) growth in 14 days. I know I've tried it before and didn't get the amount of growth promised, but my lifestyle is quite different from back then so I want to give it another try.

The price and where to buy:
It is a lot easier to find (and cheaper!) in the states, the Art Of Beauty site sells it for $20US, I think I have seen it around for $8-$15 on other places. 

In New Zealand the only place I know of to buy it is from Sudo-Mistair. It is expensive though at $61.00 a pop. If you have a salon account though, it goes down to $38.12. Still quite pricey, maybe get it as a treat if you have been super good :)

What I will be doing over the next 14 days:
I will be documenting my progress with a photo each day and I will make a .gif so I can have an animation to show you of the growth within the next 14 days. I will also be continuing the treatment and documentation for one month.

Once my nails are at a likable length, I don't think I will continue on with this product as it is too pricey to keep as a main treatment. I will then carry on using Zoya Anchor as my main base/treatment as that is much cheaper at $14.38 (salon price).

Well I guess I will be seeing you in 14 days, if not before then :)

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