Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator : Day 18

Ok so today is day 18, shall we have a squiz at what Qtica has done for my beaten up nails?

As most of you know on my nail course I had about 6 sets of acrylics, 5 sets of gels and a couple of silk wraps. That's a lot of my nail that was taken off in such a short time. You can see how thin they are where they are red-er. There is also a lot of splinter hemorrhaging going on there.
Those little brown/black lines are dried blood.

VERDICT: They sure did grow a lot in 18 days, but didn't quite give me the 0.635cms they guaranteed me. I used it everyday as a base coat though, maybe that effected it? Somehow? I don't know.

Qtica Nail Growth Stimulater made my nails very strong which is great, just what I need for these thin softies.

I couldn't wear it two to three days though as it instructed because it kept making my manicures peel off. I then tried my base coat over the top of it and that extended the wear to at least a day.

However my mum did not experience this problem and her manis are lasting 3 days or more... She is using Qtica, Zoya's Anchor, colour and then Poshe for a top coat. Hopefully I will get the Zoya base coat again soon and I will try it with Qtica.

These are how my nails looked on the 7th of July. I was NOT using Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator here.

The first day I used Qtica.

My nails 18 days later from using Qtica:

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