Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poodles + Malia

I was dying to do some nail art last night but al my supplies were at my new home :( Luckily I had my goodies from Berry, so I decided to go with Malia for the base and use some poodle stickers n_n

This is the first time I have tried Dear Laura nail art stickers. They are amazing! Whats different about them is that they are made of rubber so they bend and stick to the same shape as your nail. They don't un-stick on the ends either.

They seem to be of really good quality too, none teared, split, broke or anything. Even with my cat walking all over them trying to find a good posse on the couch- they were still A.O.K! *big hugs for berry* (more info on that a little later)

On to Malia!

Malia was released earlier this year in the collection Twist. Along with Jo, Harley, Cassi, Barbie and Moxie. I have them all a part from Barbie.

Malia's coverage was amazing, only needing two coats. The formula was super smooth and easy to control. There isn't too many Zoyas that I have come across having crap formulas, which is a good thing! Zoya seems to be doing something right.

Hopefully this lasts until Monday so I can show the boyfriend when I get back to my new home n_n

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