Saturday, March 19, 2011


I wasn't 'wowed' by this collection when I first saw it in stores, but I recently came across some pictures of It's A Girl and just had to try it!

The Pink collection wasn't released that long ago in stores really, but it is so hard to find them nowadays! I came across only one other It's A Girl polish out of all the stores I searched and my Mum bought that one as she fell in love with it too. Mum actually bought I Think In Pink and Isn't That Precious as well so I will show you those at some stage too.

It's A Girl is my absolute favourite OPI polish at the moment, I can't get enough of it. It's just one of those shades you've been after for a very long time and finally found it, you know?

It's quite a versatile polish, you can wear just one coat for a nice clean healthy nail look, two coats for a little bit more pink and three if the baby pink is what you're after. 

Completely streak free which I think is the main factor here. The formula is just beautiful. It's A Girl is just one of those polishes that reminds you why we love polishes so. Love it!

It's A Girl is a very jelly/glassy looking polish. Two coats are shown here.

Link to my updated review:

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