Friday, January 1, 2010

Favourites of 2009: Part One

Welcome to part one of 2009 Faves!

This is a mini series on some colours that I really loved from this year. It will have several parts to it :)

First up~!

Zoya Dovima
- a matte black with little shimmers to keep it from being flat.

MAC Baby Goth Girl
- Even though the shimmer and flakies aren't always that visible, I really like dark colours with interesting shimmers.

OPI DS Mystery
- Another shade that is at it's best in full sun. I really love the deeeeep purple base with gold glitter. Really different.

OPI Russian Navy Suede
- I think it was the best suede shade. It glows something different to the others :)

Chanel Jade
- Last but not least, Jade. I love Jade and would never ever get rid of it. The formula and everything is just perfect. I only wear this when my nails are in *perfect* condition lol.

I hope you enjoyed Part One! Did you have the same feelings over shades as I did? :D

Stay tuned for part 2!

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