Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Essie Top Coat "Everyday" Review

Well, I thought it was about time that I posted a review on this one.

I received it free when I purchased two Essies, when they were just released not too long ago in New Zealand.

I thought "Wow! Great! A new treatment to try", sadly I have only had mediocre/crap results from Essie's "Everyday" Top Coat.

The reason I type everyday like "Everyday" is because that is what Essie has on the box. I don't really understand what an everyday top coat is? Do you have to apply it every day? That could get annoying especially with the results I have been getting...

The first time I used this as my top coat was with Orly's Top 2 Bottom as the base, 3 coats of Essie Chinchilly and then one coat of this top coat.

I finished this manicure hours before I went to bed. I maybe started it at 8pm and went to bed around 12 or 1am. When I woke up there were bubbles on some fingers and not others, tremendous sheet marks/dents/you name it. I was so disappointed. I mean, how long does a top coat need to dry? 5+ hours? 

I thought it might have been the Orly base coat.

The second time I gave it a test run was 3 days ago. I still have that manicure on.

I used Orly Top 2 Bottom as the base once again, 2 coats of Essie Sexy Divide and one coat of this so called everyday top coat.

Drying time seemed to not take as long, but then again I did my manicure in the morning, not before bed. (I wonder if that makes a significant difference?). Well, it worked a little better this time. Although Sexy Divide is a dark colour so I can't see exactly how many bubbles there are but I can see the shape of them when I look super close at my nails in the light. 

One thing though that annoyed me was denting. I could dent these babies for two days straight. 

Am I doing something wrong here? The box only says to apply over last coat of my Essie polish. When I was choosing which treatment to recieve free at the chemist, I made sure there weren't drying drops or something to go with it like the Zoya system (unless we just don't have them here), nope nothing to aid the drying.

I'm sorry Essie, but if I have to buy an Essie basecoat just to make this crap work, I won't be using it or buying it. 

To me, you shouldn't have to go through that much effort of trying to figure out how to make the top coat work to its full potential. I mean Orly's Top 2 Bottom has been working miracles since first use, with every brand (sorry I can't stop raving about this stuff).

I'm sorry this is such a negative review but I think I will stick with my Seche Vite or Orly Top 2 Bottom for now. But of course I will keep reviewing this one and others :D

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