Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nail Polish Resource (Lots of photos) Pt. I

Hi again! I thought I would show you a little side project I worked on earlier this year (and hopefully still work on it...) to show you just basic info of some polishes. Like their bottle, code, name and of course what they look like on!

Here are just a few that I did quite a while ago :)

MAC Baby Goth Girl

OPI DS Mystery

MAC Peppermint Patti

Revlon Tropical Teal

BYS Kung Fu Blue

OPI Baby Blue

OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake

Color Club Oooooo La la

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

MAC Light Affair

OPI At First Sight

OPI Penny For Your Thoughts

OPI Bay Bridge Sunset

MAC Blissed Out

OPI Sacramento Pimento

MAC Seasonal Peach

OPI Pink a Peach

OPI Indi-a Mood For Love

OPI Don't Think, Just Pink

OPI Shangri-la-la Lilac

MAC Lucky Number

Zoya Heather

OPI Purple With a Purpose

MAC Varicose Violet

OPI Yokohama Twilight

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