Monday, May 24, 2010

Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection

I know these were released a little while a go, but it's new for New Zealand and perfect for the ball season arriving shortly :) It will be my little sisters first ball and she told mum that I was to do her and her friends make-up. She did not mention this to me. lol. 

Ok back to the collection! The Glitter Vixen lot are all glitters suspended in a clear base. Something I noticed too was that there is different sized glitters in the polishes, not a big find but  nice one :D

The weather was so sunny for me but then a storm decided to darken the skies, so some swatches are natural and some are using the flash. But they are still pretty true to their colourings.

EDITED: Ooops I was so excited to post these, I forgot my review part...

Magic Attraction
My absolute favourite of the bunch. Two coats here. Formula was a little bit thick but that helped greatly with the coverage of the glitter.

Sex Symbol
Two coats here. The coverage seemed to be a little sheer-er, would look great over a silver polish.

I really liked this one by itself. I don't think it needs a polish underneath. Two coats. Formula and glitter seemed to me like it was a little bit smoother, or finer.

Object Of Envy
I was acutally quite happy with this one, although I am curious as to how it would look over OPI Jade Is The New Black... Two coats here.

Sexy Siren
Two coats here. Sexy Siren looks great over Pure Energy, just really makes it that much more vibrant! Good coverage with this one.

Tru Passion
Similar feel to the gold one as in it felt smoother and finer compared to the others. 3 coats here.

Art Of Seduction
I was really pleased with this one too! Two coats here. Nice coverage.

These polishes retail here for $14.90

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