Friday, September 23, 2011

Nail Polish Size vs. Cost per ml : An interesting find!

Not Another Red $16
This post was made in regards to people being a little bit scared of Glitter Gals because they are smaller than the average polish, but keep reading and you will be amazed!

Prices listed in this blog is New Zealand pricing.

Ok so Glitter Gals cost around $16 so the cost per ml is $1.77.

Essie Marshmellow $25
Essies are your average size 15 ml, the cost per ml for them is $1.66.

Zoya Zarbo $22
Zoyas are a little bit smaller at 14ml, the cost per ml is $1.46.

OPI $26 (seem to vary from 25-27)
OPIs are your standard 15ml and the price per ml is $1.73.

Milky Base Coat $16.50 (seem to vary from 15-18)
Color Clubs are 15ml too, their cost per ml is $1.10.

Sally Hansen Treatments $26
Sally Hansens are a little smaller at 13.3ml, their cost per ml is 1.95.

OPI Minis $10.50
I averaged OPI Minis to be $10.50 as they are usually only available in 4pc mini packs that retail for $42.  These look to be the same size as Glitter Gal's, but you could fit 2.4 mini OPIs into one Glitter Gal. OPI Minis are a tiny 3.75ml, their cost per ml is $2.80. If you ever have the want to waste your money, buy one of these OPI mini packs, guaranteed money wastage.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms $??
I was at a bit of a loss as to what price to base these polishes on. I've only ever picked them up cheap, never bought in store. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms are 8.8ml. Smaller than a Glitter Gal!

Here they are all lined up in smallest to biggest. 

I went up to my Dad just before asking if he could explain how the Prism was larger than the Glitter Gal. He thought it might be really thick glass in the Prism bottle. 

I feel quite comfortable with Glitter Gal's sizing now compared to all of the others. The cost per ml is quite close to the big sellers here; OPI and Essie.

While I was recording all of this, some ants decided to come out and check out what was happening. I love when little nature friends come out to have a look!

But even a passing by ant wanted to show his disgust.

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