Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glitter Gal Copper

Here is the full review of Glitter Gal's Copper!

With these Glitter Gal reviews, I have included a quick video at the end to show how they sparkle. A still photo just doesn't show it the same!

This is two thin coats here. Usually with holographic polishes this thin, when I go to do another coat the brush usually starts pulling the bottom layer and creating bald patches. I was preparing myself to deal with this when wearing Copper, but it wasn't even an issue! These two coats just glided on.

Copper is more blingy than Not Another Red. I thought for sure that Copper was my favourite because of this, but it's a tough choice. Not Another Red is a bright bold red. 

If any New Zealanders want to get their hands on a bottle or two of the Glitter Gal range, head over to polishqueennz on TradeMe! She is the distributor for New Zealand and super friendly and lovely!

If the price is stopping you buying one, check out my post where I compare a range of polishes and their cost per ml. Glitter Gal says that they use the most expensive holographic particles in their polishes. Seriously, these holos do not disappoint!

Watch the video and try to say no.

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