Thursday, December 29, 2011

Butter London Bumster

I did it. I finally found a Butter London I wanted to spend money on. Butter Londons cost $31 or thereabouts in New Zealand. I've looked at their stand a few times but never found anything super special. Then I saw Bumster. I have been looking for a muted mustard yellow for so long!

Before committing to such a large purchase, I googled reviews on my Mums phone and found that it was a good polish formula wise, most people were just thrown off by the colour. Calling it baby poo etc. But when you are actively looking for a muted mustard, it's a different story.

Butter Londons and Chanel seem to have the same brush and formula goin' on. It was incredibly smooth and gave close to 100% coverage on the first coat. I love Bumster to pieces.

This was my manicure over Christmas, not very festive but I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it! I used OPI Samoan Sand for the moons. I also used Liquid Palisade to create the moon shapes.

Just a little bit of history to Bumster, it was released in a Alexander McQueen themed collection and was named after the place Alex wore his pants I think. Something like that.

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