Friday, December 23, 2011

OPI Congeniality Is My Middle Name

Look how promising it looks in the bottle! A deep fuchsia with pretty purple shimmer. Sadly this polish missed the mark completely.

Congeniality Is My Middle Name was a disappointment from the start. I wish I had picked up on the red flags earlier. Firstly, the shimmer had completely settled to the bottom, in every bottle I saw. Being optimistic, I saw shaking it not an issue. So I shook it for a good few minutes. It looked really pretty.

We bought a couple of bottles, even one for a giveaway, but when we got home, the shimmer had completely settled to the bottom again. This was in the space of less than an hour. I thought maybe I hadn't shook it enough, so I shook it up again for another few minutes. Only to have it fully sink again within 30 minutes.

Maybe this polish just really doesn't work with my colourings or something. A super red fuchsia base with blue shimmer. Two polar opposite colors stuck together. To me this just didn't work, the contrast was too harsh. Maybe it just isn't my thing, I'm not too sure. I haven't been this disappointed in a nail polish for a long time.

Congeniality Is My Middle Name was also released along with Crown Me Already in the Miss Universe collection earlier this year. This collection wasn't released in New Zealand.

Every time I pick this polish up the shimmer has completely settled to the bottom. I'm sorry OPI but I'm not too keen on shaking a polish for a good five minutes each time I want to use it.

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