Friday, December 2, 2011

China Glaze Trendsetter

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far! My family is hosting the annual Summer Driveway BBQ so we have been doing a lot of cleaning and cooking today. But today I have China Glaze's Trendsetter to show you!

This seems to be a shade that you either love or hate. I was interested in Trendsetter from the word go. I really love wearing it. I don't know if it suits my skin tone all that well but I appreciate the weirdness Trendsetter has to offer.

Trendsetter, when applied looks a little more khaki and turns slightly more yellowy when it dries. I really like the golden shimmer too, so fine. The formula is nice, mine tends to run on the thicker side of things but nothing a little bit of thinner can't fix! Great coverage.

I've read a lot of what people associate Trendsetter, mostly being poo or fungus. But I mean, if you think about it, you could associate just about any nail polish with a negative connotation. You can change that connotation with something more desirable and positive, something that you like. 

Just now thinking about why I like Trendsetter, it's might be because I am a huge lover of mustard and that's what comes to my mind first. I asked my sister what she thinks of it and she says it reminds her of clay. She loves to make things out of clay. Mum says it reminds her of curry powder, my Mum loves making different curries.

How do you feel about Trendsetter? What do you associate with this colour?

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