Monday, December 26, 2011

OPI My Private Jet

Today I have the notorious My Private Jet to show you. This polish has changed many times, it wasn't so drastic at the beginning, but now the current Private Jet looks nothing like it's ancestor. I have a photo of the original at the bottom of this post. I never picked up the slightly less holo version, or the version with a teal shimmer. Kind of wish I had picked that teal one up though.

Ancestry aside, this Private Jet reminds me of black sand beaches and granite bench tops. Two things I really enjoy. Don't those little specks look like crushed shells?

One thing I noticed is the crushed shell bits are most holographic in artificial lighting. It was only at night that I started to see them sparkle and glow. I really like the crushed shell bits either way.

One thing I am missing though is that amazing golden and copper shimmer that you can see in the bottle! I've been wearing Private Jet these last couple of days and haven't seen it come out in any lighting conditions. If it weren't for that shimmer I probably wouldn't have picked it up.

The formula was really good, smooth, opaque and dried fairly quickly.

I still have the original bottle but I am too scared to wear it!

Side note: I have finally bought myself a new camera. It'll take awhile to learn the ropes! I used it for this post but I reckon it could do better :)

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