Sunday, December 4, 2011

Orly Holiday Soiree Collection for Holiday 2011

I've got a little sneak peek of Orly's Holiday Soiree collection for you! There were two others that we didn't pick up, a pearly white and a redder version of Oui. We bought these with the deal at Farmers at the moment, buy one Orly get one Orly free!

Firstly we have Orly Oui. Mum bought this one and she absolutely loves foils, gold and purple. She chose this one over the redder toned one because Oui suited her skin tone more. She has heavy pink undertones.

Next is Ma Cherie! I love this one just for the name. Kinda sounds like machete though... Anyway, we weren't planning on getting Ma Cherie but after we saw the nail swatch in store, we saw how bright and jellyish it was!

Le Chateau is a very dark teal jelly. You can see the teal clearly on coat one but it goes quite a bit darker with just coat two. I experimented layering NFUOh 50 between it, you definitely need thin coats to see the flakies more clearly, but so nice!

Of course we both picked up a bottle of Androgynie! There's nothing like it! A very dark charcoal brown with a fine gold/brown shimmer, along with rainbow hex and holographic glitter thrown into the mix. One thing I noticed with Androgynie is that the glitter tends to sink, alot. You can kinda see it in the photo above, a huge area of silver glitter.

Simply just roll it between your hands before using and you get all this extra glitter!

Here is a quick swatch of Angrogynie and Le Chateau with NFUOh 050 layered/graduated between two layers.

Full swatches and reviews coming shortly!

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