Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego : Reveal Your Mystery Review

Today I have Color Club's Reveal Your Mystery set to show you! This is the lighter half of the Alter Ego collection.

At the very end of this post I have an awesome Color Club deal for you New Zealander ladies. 

Going Incognito

Incognito is a very pretty nude creme. It also looks great on different skin-tones. My mum is more pink in her toning and it looks like a mannequin shade on her. Incognito is a little too blue toned to do that for me but it still looks just as delicate.

The formula is nice, very easy to control and smooth. However, it does take 3 coats to get full coverage. Perhaps layering it over a ridge-filler that gives a tinge of colour would help with this.

Sheer Disguise

Oh, Sheer Disguise. It just wasn't meant to be. You bring the red out in me and I just can have that. However! As mentioned above, Mum is warmer than me in her toning and Sheer Disguise looks amazing on her! (I should get her to take a photo sometime) Sheer Disguise is one of her favourite greys now.

The formula is quite consistent through-out the collection, smooth, a little bit chalky but easy to control.


Revealed is the only shimmer in this collection. The pink shimmer is very apparent in the bottle but doesn't quite apply to the nail in the same intensity. I think this one may be my favourite from Alter Ego: Reveal Your Mystery. I adore peachy shades like this one! 

The coverage and formula are really nice, typical frosty/shimmery Color Club formula. I'd call it a little bit frothy? Kind of like a milkshake. You know, it's soft but a bit thick?

Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous was one of the main reasons of purchasing this collection. I cannot stop myself buying these light lavenders and lilacs. Because very rarely do I actually like them on myself. This is a very real problem. I think, in my head that I'm just hoping that I'm going to find 'the one' and be done with searching. Secret Rendezvous is hitting pretty close, but I think it needs to be a tiny bit less... white. I'm not too sure but I do like it and will be wearing it through-out Summer!

The formula is just like Sheer Disguise's and Get A Clue's. It has that chalky-ness to it and those kind of polishes I find always need 2-3 coats for full coverage.

Give Me A Hint

I've never been too fussed with these kind of shades. They don't really do anything for me. I tend to either like something very bold or very subtle. I think Give Me A Hint falls in between like many of it's taupe/mushroom/purple predecessors (Channelesque, Parle-vous OPI, Particulere). Some people though (like my Mum) love these kinds of colours. They have seemed to have jumped into that stereotypical safe color along with sheer pink and red.

I found the formula for this one to be like Going Incognitos. Easy to control and smooth. Give Me A Hint does give more coverage though, only needing two coats.

Get A Clue

I love Get A Clue when inside or in the shade. It looks so squishy! The sunlight tends to pull out the chalky-ness. Get A Clue was another reason why I decided to buy this collection. I wasn't too sure on it as first but I think it's a perfect colour for summer! Although at the moment I'm on a dusty pink kick and I think Get A Clue will make the perfect base for it!

Three coats needed with Get A Clue as well, but I suspect that a ridge-filler that is slightly white or nude in colour will do the trick for this collection.

Milky White Base Coat

Just to be confusing, in the top photo all of the nails have Milky White on them, only in the second photo has the ring finger changed to a different base coat. I was a little bit confused as to why this treatment was included with the Alter Egos, it seems like it'd be more beneficial with a sheer collection. Incognito is the sheerest but it still gives quite a bit of coverage. 

I do however think that Milky White is one of the best things since sliced bread! The blue/purple tint in it counteracts the yellow and orange tones in your nail that may be there from staining, among other things. 

As with all treatment like products, I was quick to dismiss it all together. But once I had discovered that it actually does something, my mum, sister and I were up all night painting it on some our nails and comparing our favourite sheers over the top to see the difference. Great stuff!

I believe Reveal Your Mystery is only one half of the Alter Ego series. The other half seems to be quite intense! Duochromes and shimmer galore! But I think this set is perfect for all year round. You've got Summer (pink, peach and lavender), Autumn (taupe and nude), Winter (grey and lavender) and Spring (peach, lavender and pink) covered!

The formula is ok. Nothing mind-blowing but I do insist on using a nude or off-white ridge-filler for these girls. Some of them are a bit chalky and need that extra help to hang on. Where as others like Revealed (peach) and Give Me A Hint (taupe) are quite capable on their own. Going Incognito is a nude so you may not want that extra help if you want to have it a bit jelly-ish and see a bit of nail.

Where to buy in New Zealand:
Usually you can order them from USA Nails Online for $11.90, but these will only be distributed to Amazon stores. They retail in store from around $15-$17 usually.

On USA Nails Online, they are selling Wild Orchid, Positively Posh, Soft As Cashmere, Ready To Royal, Red Velvet and Covered in Diamonds all together for 6 bucks! Usually this would cost you $71.40. Postage is $3.90, so $9.90 for the whole lot including postage. 
Doesn't take much brain power to realise that this is well and truly a bargain. Dad would be proud!

Well that self restrain didn't last long! 

Well, I think I've procrastinated enough from doing my homework now. Enjoy ladies!

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