Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Becoming A Nail Technician...

How are you today? Good I hope n_nb

Right, so today I had to get maintenance on my acrylics, which was quite a lot as I have been picking at them (so they lifted in areas) and I bit a few off. Two completely came off and one thumb nail had half a tip.

Once I bite one off, it's sort of like I start thinking "ooh! what other ones can I get off!?" and then I do it subconsciously. So before I know it, I've done it again.

I also got them taken off today! *celebration* I was so happy to see that I had little white tips. It looks like they grew quite a bit! Probably just delusional as I haven't seen them for a little while, but who cares, it was a mood lifter :D

But during removal, one of my pinkies were so sore! When my classmate was scraping off the acrylic with a cuticle spoon, it was too sore to touch, made me gasp each time... I usually try to keep little pain experiences to myself, but this one was really tender. Even now its still sore to touch.

Then my tutor wants me to get tip and overlay on tomorrow... That killed me inside, my nails are really tender, barely there, thin as paper, etched to the max, buffed to the max. I really don't want anymore on them but I know my classmates have to learn some-how :(


When my nails are being worked on, they can get really damaged and sore from the classmate doing it... I know it's just because they are being careless and are bored with what they are doing and they don't take what I say on board e.g. what they are doing hurts, mind the cuticle...

I know we are all learning... but jeez, you aren't going to have customers coming back to you if you don't look after them

Lets leave on a positive note... well photo. MAC's Seasonal Peach. Don't worry, it will get pretty photos later and a full review.

This was the day I got my acrylics on, I really love Seasonal Peach and I had many compliments on it n_n

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