Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello Acrylics, Bye Bye Milk

Milk is going bye byes and we are welcoming all forms of nails on Nail Juice. I was a bit overwhelmed with many blogs, so away they went :) Anyone noticed yet that i'm fidgety? Can't leave things alone?

Here are my messy looking acrylics. They don't look their best here as they don't have a top coat on, which really brings out the glitter.

As you can see, two nails have yellowed. The tutor is still trying to figure that one out... it's quite a mystery.

This was my classmates third go, I think they are quite good, but wouldn't want to keep them on for much longer as they look quite strange with polish on.

The glitter used here was one I picked up and split into bags for my classmates. It is a beautiful blue, slightly holo. It looks just amazing with top coat on.

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