Monday, June 1, 2009

Essie Ruby Slippers

Are you getting bored with the bottles? Causes I sure am!

This is Essie's Ruby Slipper. I don't really know to much about this one... I think it was from an Essie holiday set from 2005.

I used three coats here. It was a little sheer at first but builds up quickly :) It applies quite nicely for a glitter too, doesn't pull itself around.

Ruby Slipper has beautiful red, orange and silver glitter in a red base. I much prefer this one than China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, I think just because its a little bit darker, flashes different colours other than red and is more chunky.

I would definitely recommend a top coat over this as it is a little lumpy because the glitter pieces are quite chunky.

It's going for quite a lot on eBay, so make sure you *really* want it and like red before you 'buy it now' :P

Short n' sweet review today as I have to study the human anatomy for a test tomorrow or no nail art for steph :( That would be like cutting off my arms, what good am I without them?! Nail art keeps me happy n_n

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