Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tip & Overlay

These are my current nails, basic tip and overlay.

My only tiff with these is that they are all sort of shaped differently... which really gets on my nerves. I hate being a perfectionist sometimes, sure you do good work and things - but it can drive you insane trying to get that perfect curve.

And hopefully I get them off tomorrow. I have got one off, most are all chipped (more liek picked...) around the cuticle and sides, my right thumb tip has lost a corner, goodness knows how.

My conclusion: Artificial nails of any kind, are not for me. I just pick and pick and pick. Absolutley great though if you don't have the time to maintain your own nails and don't fuss over little things n_n

My tutor has set me up with a client who wants nail art tomorrow! n_nb Excitinnnngggg~! Tutor tells me she has long nails too... woohoo! Long nails are always the best canvas for extravagant designs. Short nails can also look just as beautiful, just not as much space to play with :)

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