Friday, June 5, 2009

Revisited: Worth The Risque

I am still alive! The Sims 3 was released in NZ today so... :P I've been playing it all evening and was dying to get home today! It's now my sisters turn so I thought I would update NJ n_n

How are you all?! I've missed you so much ♥

Ok so here we are again with Color Club's Worth The Risque. It is slightly denser than China Glaze's OMG and slightly smaller than Sexagon.

This was two coats I believe. Oh how I miss my nails looking like that! I'm almost afraid to take off the acrylics... I don't want to see them all beat up :( My aim is for fantasitc/flawless nails at christmas time. I'm going to gather a few polishes for a present if I achieve this.

Back to Risque, it is so easy to apply unlike the China Glazes. As they tend to pull themselves around, Worth The Risque stays put and goes on smoothly.

Worth The Risque isn't a colour I love, but for some reason I have difficulty trying to give it up. Maybe because it was one of my first Color Clubs?

It's been awhile since I've done one of these eh!

Well Monday morning is all Nail Art for me and one other classmate as we are the only ones who have been attending every day and doing the work. Seriously, why do these people pay all this money and not attend?

I'm looking forward to that as my tutor will be teaching us how to make things out of acrylic, like flowers, candies, bows, things like that n_n

I have all my nail art stuff packed and ready to go! Just need to find some containers for my glitter to go in so I can add powder to it.

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