Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wrap Up: Tool Comp

Could these winners please contact me n_n nailjuice (at)

I've Got Some Advice For You Little Buddy
- Jenn

She Used A Poison In His Tea - Enamel Coated

I Know The Pieces Fit, Because I Watched Them Fall Away - Jenn

My Shadow, Change Is Comin' Through My Shadow
- April

I Don't Want It! I Just Need It! - xxL

Over Thinkin', Over Analyzin', Seperates My Body From My Mind - Hidden Innocence

Weeping Shades Of Cozened Indigo - Hidden Innocence

Rest Your Trigger On My Finger - Hidden Innocence

Put Me Somewhere I Don't Wanna Be, Seeing Someplace I Don't Wanna See, Never Wanna See That Place Again - Hidden Innocence

The Snake Behind Me Hisses - Hidden Innocence

I hope you guys loved this as much as I did! I am so glad their are other NJ readers that enjoy Tool as well n_n I just listened to Pushit Live yesterday, his voice... oh my god. Much softer that the real Pushit... Getting a bit offtrack here n_n; Yeah, so if those winners could please send me an email with their address I will send them some things :D

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