Saturday, June 20, 2009

MAC Violet Fire

I have been run off my feet this week... Sorry for the lack of posts :(

Mum took me to a MAC Technique night not too long ago and with that, you got $100 credit to spend on products, and they were promoting the new Style Warrior collection.

Of course, as soon as I sore the purple I knew I had to have it... Mum also edged me on :D

So here we have MAC's Violet Fire from Style Warrior. A beautiful deep purple with similar tonings to OPI's Purple With A Purpose.

As soon as I tried Violet Fire I thought "hmm looks close to Purple With A Purpose" so I tried it next to it, and here are the differences:
  • Violet Fire is more shimmery, where as PWAP is frosted
  • Violet Fire has red and blue sparkles, where as PWAP has just a warm purple/pink frost
I was contemplating for awhile to see if they were worth both keeping... I decided yes, but having second thoughts as Violet Fire makes me look pink - bringing out the red tones in me.

The formula seemed quite watery. But nothing coat number three couldn't fix. It goes on quit sheer but builds up very quickly. Very easy to use considering it has a watery texture to it.

Also! I did my own set of tip and overlay a night ago... If you struggle painting your bad hand... jeez, don't even go here!

I think they turned out alrightish, well after some filing on the sides and it was my first go on me... I used transparent tips rather than French, as I wanted them purely for swatching reasons and French Tips are most popular for the clients. Mum has lined up for some nails too.

Here is three coats of Violet Fire!

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