Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, there are three weeks left of becoming a nail technician...

So these last three weeks are pretty much clients all day - every day.

Today I had to do some maintenance work on a classmate's set of acrylics. Fairly easy. Then she had to maintenance the gel on my toes... What a lovely experience. I've been craving for a pedi, ad this is the closest I would get to it haha. A few people don't really like the filing or cuticle work on toes (been done to them), but I love it! I mean, how often do your toes get rubbed? Unless you have a devoted partner doting on you- I'm guessing not that much.

Nail art again on Friday morning! I can't decide what to do this time! I'm going to have a scrummage round the 'net and see what I can find.

This isn't a new series lol so don't worry.

Where have I been these last few days? Well, I have been trying to plan and sort out what I will do after my course. The goal is to move out of home, work from home (doing nails) and do a year long make-up course at the same academy I am learning nails. How cool would that be?! Make-up?! I usually wear the bare-necessities... but if I could do awesome things with make-up, then you can bet it'd be on my face. Would you like photos of the creations I make on the make-up course?

You also learn hair styling and body painting and some other things, but this is all I can remember. My nail tutor suggested that I do it because this afternoon she saw me colouring in a drawing of mine. I had also been thinkning about it too - as UNI just seems @_@ way out of my league. Normal people jobs aren't for me i'm afraid.

Of course I will try and keep NJ up and running as much as possible... hopefully my parents let me 'borrow' one of the laptops... *crosses fingers*

Aaaaaand because we are all about the visuals here at Nail Juice, here are some polishes I picked up (so sorry for the lighting):

OPI Malibu Blue NL C43

Maybelline Matte Grape

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