Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maybelline Matte Grape

As much as I enjoyed having the chance to wear a matte polish, it was just too shiny for my liking. Plus the colour was a little 'nana-rish' for my liking. I'm dying for those Zoyas x_x C'mon July!

As far as I know, these Maybelline Matte's were released some time ago and are long discontinued.

I used just two coats here. It applied really well with and without a base coat. Matte Grape applied smoothly with no hitches. It looks absolutely stunning when its wet, so many colours jammed into that shimmer!

I didn't wear it with a top coat because the lid told me not too :( Sowwy... next time the sun peeps I will make sure of it!

Me and mum might be concocting up an order soon! n_n Exciting! Can't even remember when the last one was. The significant other probably won't really approve of it... but I have a role to play being a blogger, right n_<

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