Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bikini Bottom & Square Pants

I just took these swatches for you :D Almost broke my neck trying, but here they are!

Square Pants is the pastel yellow with very subtle shimmer (similar to OPI The Violet-ter The Better), I used three coats here.

And of course Bikini Bottom is on the right, a pastel blue jelly. I used four coats here.

You know how I wasn't feeling too flash about these little gems? Yeah well, now I love 'em! :D Haha. What made me change my mind? My holy grail ridge filler of course!

Zoya's Get Even.

It's beautiful. It's white. It works so so well. But I do recommend that you use it over your normal base coat as itself tends to apply a little unevenly without it. You only need one coat of Get Even n_n

Without Get Even, Bikini Bottom applied lovely, but the polish sort of gathered at the sides of my nails, so it looked like there was less in the middle of my nail. Ugh. It was also a little difficult to make them all even (opacity wise) throughout all ten nails. Bikini Bottom also made my tips appear green. Green tips makes me think fungal.

When RBL brought these colours out last year, along with Starfish Patrick (which I'm still trying to figure out how to get) for Fall/Autumn I think? Any who, I knew I had to have them! My sister and I *love* Sponge Bob, and there were pastels made after the show?!!?! Holy flip!

I'll fully swatch these babies for you on the weekend.

Just in case anyone is wondering how I almost broke my neck lol, I stood on one of our breakfast bar chairs (they're really tall, guests often get stuck in them trying to get out of it) and had to try get as close as possible to one of the little lights on the kitchen ceiling (to make sure the colours come out correctly).

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