Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Japanese Holographics - Blue

I just bought another of this one today for my friend Lauren, I thought it would suit her golden skin tone beautifully. I also brought her another blue polish, its a pastel-baby blue frost/shimmer (hard to tell in the bottle). I'm thinking I may need to get some for myself hehe!

A gorgeous baby blue holographic. You know what me and mum couldn't figure out? How a Japanese company is able to produce these lovelies when they apply just as a 'salon' polish would, last like a 'salon' polish would, but they are a fraction of the price?

I mean, I got this one for $3.00, an OPI Designer Series polish here, would cost me $40.00 x_x Seriously crazy.

The bottles are probably half the size of an OPI, but still that's only $6.00 VS. $40.00

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