Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Square Pants & Bikini Bottom

Don't they look stunning here?

I wore Bikini Bottom today and a got a few compliments on it, which I wasn't really expecting since I wasn't loving it 100%. You will get the review on that one later.


Today was day 10, still no sign of our t-shirts or student IDs. They seem really unorganised to me. It's costing me $100 a week to get there and home, with my student ID it would only be $58, so you can see why I'm a little pissed about that, eh?

Anyway, today we did another pedicure, I quite enjoy doing them lol. I really like doing the exfoliate and using the cuticle spoon (the spoon is used to cut the Pterygium).

I suppose with the exfoliate, I get enjoyment too :D and with the cuticle spoon, I can see that I'm actually making a difference. Oh I also love the painting, but I much prefer using my base coat and top coat.

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