Saturday, April 18, 2009


A reader, MrsKiwiYeti asked me how I stored all my stuff! (and yes, I am a kiwi ;) MrsKiwiYeti)

This is what my awesome parents got me for my birthday, probably not on the top of every 18 year olds list, but it was on mine! :D It was $150 from Freedom. And the little container with the cotton pads in it was $9. The only place that me and mum had ever seen one.

It has changed a little now as this photo was taken a little while ago.

Top Shelf:
- Treatments
- Top coats/base coats
- Remover/remover pads/earbuds
- Minis
- Untrieds
- Konad stuff (not pictured)
- Nail Art stuff (not pictured)

Middle Shelf:
- OPI polishes
- Special OPI's

Bottom Shelf:
- China Glaze
- Zoya
- Essie
- Misa
- Color Club
- Claire's
- Polishes up for swap
- All other random polishes

I layer each shelf with the anti-slip mat, helps them stop jiggling around and falling over :D The trolley fits everything I own with even extra space. I love love love it!!

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