Friday, April 24, 2009

China Glaze Its Poppin'

One word. WOW.

I think It's Poppin' is my absolute favourite from the Kicks collection (well from what i got anyway). Poppin' is right up my alley, a beautiful hot pink packed with shimmer... or is it frosted? I can't really tell lol.

I had no clean up what so ever to do. Look at how neatly it applied! I really really wanted to wear It's Poppin' to my course for a couple of days, but wearing polish when we're doing mani's isn't that good.

I have just two coats here. Complete coverage in two. The formula from the Kicks that I got were all quite thick. Not a hard to use thick, but thick as in... you can be done in two coats and it's easy as to use.

Please enlarge the photos to see it close-up! :D

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