Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

Essie's Love, Beverly Hills xx.

I used two coats here. It was *really* nice to use, a big plus for me with Essies. I may just keep it to remind me that there are nice Essies out there :)

Love, Beverly Hills xx is suppose to have real 24k gold infused in it, you don't see it unless it's sunny. Because of this, I was sorely disappointed when I put it on inside... the gold in the bottle just disappeared, but once I stepped outside WHOOSH there it is!

Please enlarge these photos, this size does nothing for them.

It reminds me of OPI's Sweet As Annie-thing! just with the shimmer/frost being more visible... Here is Sweet As Annie-thing!

I was going to wear Bev Hills for a dinner party tonight, but ugh, I'm sick of red. I only wore it for one day... but Red is something I can't take a lot in of at once lol. To me, wearing Red doesn't say "I'm a nail polish addict" (that might be a good thing lol) but it just seems... mainstream?

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