Thursday, April 16, 2009

Purples Turn?

Hey guys~! I am really sorry about not posting as much, this course (as much as I love it) really takes it out of me and the sun is gone before I have time to take photos, that's if I'm wearing polish at all.

Yesterday I discovered you cannot wear polish and remove your clients without ruining yours successfully lol.

Things I learnt yesterday:
- Hand and Arm massage (boy does this feel good!)
- Warts, Verrucae and Vulgaris (can't work on clients with them)

Things I learnt today:
- The girls in my class are amazed at how often I changed my nails
- How to buff correctly
- How to file
- How to do a full manicure, massage and exfoliation too :D

Oh today I got a manicure done :D It was really nice, Paige done a great job! Even removed 85% of my yellow stains! Plus I had a huge tear on my thumb this morning and she was able to file that down and fix it right up.

The girls asked that I bring some polish in tomorrow. They loved the colours that I had been wearing; Purple Panic, Mesmerize and Peppermint Patti. Little do they know how many I have... lol.

OMG! Our first field trip will be.... to a BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE!! They have train cases, everything you could possibly ever need for nail art! Glitter, hearts, beads, balls, fruit slices. I am in heaven guys. Heaven.

Yesterday on my lunch break, my boyfriend and I walked into Mac's counter to see if Peppermint Patti had come in yet. Mac was suppose to ring me when it came in. Well, I found it there and plenty of them. Boyfriend thought I was crazy getting all excited shaking my hands around trying to contain my excitement lol, but moral of the story; don't rely on Mac to ring you.

The lovelies I had waiting for me when I came home:
Color Club Sexy Siren
Color Club Electronica
Claire's Meg Peg
Claire's Yei
OPI The Violetter The Better

I just checked and 8ty8 only sent half of my order... What the hell?

(First polish pictured is Rihana)

Zoya Lael

Zoya Sloane

Misa Sunkissed

MAC Varicose Violet

Essie Sexy Divide

China Glaze LOL

OPI Amethyst

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

OPI Done Out In Deco

OPI Eiffel For This Color

OPI It's Now or Never

OPI Lilac I Care

OPI Purple With A Purpose

OPI Yokohama Twilight

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