Friday, April 3, 2009

Nail Art: Hello Sailor!

If there's one thing other than nail polish that gets me excited is Sailor Uniforms. The collars on those things are just... wonderful!

I really wanted to add the collar shape and stripes onto this manicure but I thought it might be a bit *too* much.

I started off with Essies Mesmerize. When I first got it, we didn't have such a great connection, but I was willing to give Mez another go... I mean, how cool is this colour, AND IT'S ESSIE?!?!

Mesmerize is another Essie that blows my socks off, it applies awesomely, wasn't streaky and hardly any clean-up was needed at all.

But by doing a lot of swatching previously, I was bored of a plain creme, had my Japanese White Striper still unused and Shimmer shining her holo's at me... so I decided to add them all to Mesmerize!

I free-handed Shimmer across my tips, twice. It was a little uneven in some places as it sort of drips down to the sides if you apply a lot in one place. After that had taken a whole two minutes to dry, I free-handed the white line underneath Shimmer. This thing is so cool! So I drew a bow on my thumb n_n

I think Mesmerize will definately be the blue I wear to this years Armageddon ♥!

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